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Deferred and Refund Participant Search




MERS' records and data are assembled from information provided by employers and participants (including former employee members, retirees and beneficiaries) over the course of many years.  MERS securely stores and maintains the information to administer its benefit plans.  MERS makes reasonable efforts to verify the information it receives, and to accurately enter the information into its systems.  However, MERS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information it receives or the information entered.  It is the sole responsibility of each participant to inform MERS of any needed changes or corrections to MERS' records.  Inclusion of an individual's name on either the refund or the vested list is not a guarantee of an individual's qualification to receive either a refund or benefits.  Similarly, the absence of an individual's name on the refund or the vested list is not a determination of an individual's ineligibility for a refund or for vested benefits.  These lists should not be relied upon for either of these purposes.  THE LISTS ARE PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, AND TO ENCOURAGE INDIVIDUALS WHO BELIEVE THEY MAY BE ENTITLED TO BENEFITS OR A REFUND TO INQUIRE FURTHER WITH MERS.  THE LISTS DO NOT CONSTITUTE A FINAL DETERMINATION OF ELIGIBILITY.

It is the responsibility of all persons seeking benefits or refunds from MERS to initiate the application process.  MERS requires that anyone seeking benefits or refunds from MERS complete and submit an appropriate MERS application, with all required documentation, in order to begin the application process.  MERS DOES NOT COMMENCE BENEFIT PAYMENTS OR ISSUE REFUNDS WITHOUT AN APPLICATION, EVEN WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL HAS MET THE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.  MERS DOES NOT PAY RETROACTIVE BENEFITS FOR ANY PERIOD BEFORE AN APPLICATION IS RECEIVED.

The terms of MERS' Plans at the time of termination of employment controls all aspects of an employee's benefits, if any.  In case of any conflict with any other representation, written or verbal, from MERS or from any other source, THE TERMS OF THE PLAN IN EFFECT AT THE TIME OF TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT CONTROL.


I certify that I (1) have read, (2) understand, and (3) accept the information contained in these three important notices.